Bevacizumab and Surgical Wound Healing

“Bevacizumab has been associated with multiple complications in regard to wound healing, such as dehiscence, ecchymosis, surgical site bleeding, and wound infection. Current literature suggests patients should wait at least 6 to 8 weeks (40 days) after cessation to have surgery (half-life 20 days). In addition, postoperative reinitiation of bevacizumab must wait 28 days to prevent an increased risk of wound healing complications, and the surgical incision should be fully healed”


“Numerous clinical trials has shown bevacizumab to be safe, effective, and provides significant survival benefits in the treatment of various cancers. However, bevacizumab has also been found to be associated with complications that directly impact the decision-making of surgeons. Surgeons performing elective operations must be aware of these potential hazards in dealing with patients on bevacizumab and should delay surgery accordingly (6–8 weeks)”

Gordon CR,et al A review on bevacizumab and surgical wound healing: an important warning to all surgeons. Ann Plast Surg. 2009 Jun;62(6):707-9. Full Text for Emory Users

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