Component separation index

“Abdominal wall reconstruction in the ventral hernia patient represents a constant challenge to the general surgeon and plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Current studies lack a predictive value or objective 3-dimensional measurement to assist in the treatment algorithm or to assess and analyze surgical outcomes. On the basis of our current data, we believe the component seperation index, much like other commonly used anthropomorphic measurements, can assist with decisions for reconstructive options preoperatively.”

“Large traumatic ventral hernias continue to challenge the reconstructive plastic surgeon.
There have been no published data or reports regarding an objective clinical score system or predictive value for the management of abdominal wall reconstruction. Current literature
has focused on basic size of defect in the horizontal and/or vertical direction or on area
of defect combined with some technical variations in repair. This allows for a single,
independent analysis of a single patient and their defect. These studies lack a standardized
metric to permit a truly objective analysis. Throughout the medical and the plastic surgery
literature, anthropomorphic measurements have been used to assess outcomes and predict
treatment algorithms and complications.”

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