ABI staging for acute bowel ischemia: Imaging findings

“Acute bowel ischemia (ABI) can be life threatening with high mortality rate. The radiologist plays a central role in the initial diagnosis and preventing progression to irreversible intestinal ischemic injury or bowel necrosis. The most single imaging findings described in the literature are either non-specific or only present in the late stages of ABI, urging the use of a constellation of features to reach a more confident diagnosis”

Key Points
• There is a correlation between pathologic staging and radiologic findings of ABI.
• Reversibility–irreversibility of ABI spans a temporal continuum with areas of overlap.
• Understanding the pathophysiology of ABI can help for better management.
• Management should be based on the latest stage identified.”

Davarpanah AH, et al Many faces of acute bowel ischemia: overview of radiologic staging. Insights Imaging. 2021 Apr 29;12(1):56 Free Full Text

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