Sickle Hepatopathy

Praharaj DL, Anand AC. Sickle Hepatopathy. J Clin Exp Hepatol. 2021 Jan-Feb; 11(1):82-96. Free full-text.

“Liver disease may result from viral hepatitis and iron overload due to multiple transfusions of blood products or due to disease activity causing varying changes in vasculature. The clinical spectrum of disease ranges from ischemic injury due to sickling of red blood cells in hepatic sinusoids, pigment gall stones, and acute/chronic sequestration syndromes. The sequestration syndromes are usually episodic and self-limiting requiring conservative management such as antibiotics and intravenous fluids or packed red cell transfusions. However, rarely these episodes may present with coagulopathy and encephalopathy like acute liver failure, which are life-threatening, requiring exchange transfusions or even liver transplantation.” (Praharaj DL, et al., p. 82)

p. 86
p. 90

Theocharidou E, Suddle AR. The Liver in Sickle Cell Disease. Clin Liver Dis. 2019 May; 23(2):177-189. Full-text for Emory users.

p. 185

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