Liver hanging maneuver: an anatomic and clinical review.

Gaujoux S, et al. Liver hanging maneuver: an anatomic and clinical review. Am J Surg. 2007 Apr;193(4):488-92.

Full-text for Emory users.

“LHM is as an effective and safe method of guiding hepatic transection to the IVC during right hepatectomies with a feasibility rate up to 95% and minor bleeding in 0% to 6% of cases. According to small series and experts’ opinions, LHM would improve parenchymal transection by reducing operative time and blood loss. The tape would ensure a linearly cut surface with IVC safer protection, better exposure, and hemostasis of the deeper plane. Limited remnant liver mobilization could reduce the risk for malignant dissemination and improve liver function. Hepatectomies for huge tumor with diaphragm adhesions could be facilitated.”

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