Sugammadex and anaphylaxis

“Anaphylaxis is described as a severe, life‑threatening, generalized or systemic hypersensitivity reaction. It occurs rarely during surgery and anesthesia but neuromuscular blocking agents, non‑steroidal anti‑inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and antibiotics are considered common causes of anaphylaxis”

“Sugammadex is a synthetic modified gamma‑cyclodextrin derivative first designed to selectively bind to the steroidal neuromuscular blocking agent molecule to provide rapid recovery of neuromuscular function. Sugammadex is extensively used for reversing the effects of rocuronium and to a lesser extent, vecuronium.”

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Identification and Management of Perioperative Anaphylaxis

The most commonly involved agents in perioperative anaphylaxis are NMBAs, antibiotics, antiseptics, latex, and dyes However, any medication or substance the patient comes into contact with perioperatively can be a potential cause. The primary risk factor is a previous perioperative anaphylaxis or allergy to the medications or substances used in the procedure.

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