Portal hypertensive bleeding: The place of portosystemic shunting

Knechtle SJ, Galloway JR. (2017) Chapter 85. Portal hypertensive bleeding: The place of portosystemic shunting. Ed.: Jarnagin WR, In Blumgart’s Surgery of the Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas, 2-Volume Set (6th ed.), Elsevier, pgs. 1218-1230.e3.

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Legacy papers of portal hypertension surgery at Emory: Distal splenorenal shunts

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Smith RB 3rd, Warren WD, Salam AA, Millikan WJ, Ansley JD, Galambos JT, Kutner M, Bain RP. Dacron interposition shunts for portal hypertension. An analysis of morbidity correlates.Ann Surg. 1980 Jul;192(1):9-17.

Rikkers LF, Rudman D, Galambos JT, Fulenwider JT, Millikan WJ, Kutner M, Smith RB 3rd, Salam AA, Sones PJ Jr, Warren WD. A randomized, controlled trial of the distal splenorenal shunt. Ann Surg. 1978 Sep;188(3):271-82.

Galambos JT, Warren WD, Rudman D, Smith RB 3rd, Salam AA. Selective and total
shunts in the treatment of bleeding varices. A randomized controlled trial. N Engl J Med. 1976 Nov 11;295(20):1089-95.

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